We partner with companies and foundations to sponsor cohorts of founders based on geography, industry, identity, impact area, and other thematic considerations. Together, we offer capital awards, pro bono advising support, and community story boosting to emerging entrepreneurs across the country. 



Environmental Justice

Surdna Foundation

Rooted in Food


Digital Philly

Native Women Lead

Indigenous Futures

Prudential Cares 2022

Juneteenth, Wellness Revolution

Prudential Cares 2021

Newark Culture Heroes, Tulsa Titans, Twin Cities Rising

DivInc / Blnded Media

Texas Health and Wellness

Louisville Triumphant

Cohort 1 (2021), Cohort 2 (2021), Cohort 3 (2022)


Deloitte Scaleup

Envolve Global

Inclusive Tech