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Aaron Jordan

Aaron Jordan

Black Complex

Space for Black Professionals to Create, Build, and Learn


Black / African American


Economic Power


Business Models and Financials, Growth, Scaling, and Investments, Information Technology

Black Complex was created from a vision the Founder & CEO Aaron Jordan had for a co-working space and membership club in Louisville, KY. The space was designed to be a hub of connection for entrepreneurs, founders, creatives, business travelers, professionals, and freelancers to build, learn, and collaborate. During the civil unrest of 2020, Aaron was a prominent figure in Louisville as an organizer and activist. It was during this period of over 12 traumatic and violent months of protest and racial reckoning that Aaron began to realize that the major beneficiary of this concept should be marginalized Black communities. With that in mind, the main objective for the company has been to remove access barriers that stand in the way of Black contributions to a diverse, equitable, and vibrant Louisville.

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