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Alisia Richardson

Alisia Richardson

ARGC Construction Group

Remodeling Company Focused on Improving the City and Second Chance Employment


Veteran, Black / African American, Woman-Identified


Community Support, Green / Sustainability


Marketing and Communications, Product / Service Design, Business Models and Financials, Growth, Scaling, and Investments

In 2019, my mom had two ruptured aneurysms, and I got into legal trouble. After being convicted of a felony and completing a diversion program, I wanted to set an example for others by showing them that they could turn their life around. Changing the narrative of my own story and building a legacy for my family became a priority.

I believe in generational wealth. I believe in breaking the chains that kept me content with being stagnant and struggling. A year later I was landing projects while on probation and going continuously to court. In November 2021, I was court ordered to go to a recovery program and my sobriety date was 12/1/21. I graduated Ladies of Promise recovery program with a spiritual awakening. I realized that I wanted to employ people who needed a second chance like I did.

ARGC Construction Group started because of my passion for fixing problems and not being employable. My experience as a low-income mother of three made me want to do something different for myself and possibly inspire others while doing it. We are a remodeling company that offers affordable pricing for low-income, disabled, elderly and veteran customers. We give employment opportunities to people who want to work and need a second chance. We provide permanent and temporary solutions for our community through remodeling services. I believe there is plenty of work to be done to help our local community from vacant and abandoned properties to helping the homeless people become home owners.

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