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Amber Fields

Amber Fields

Black UX Labs

Forging Pathways for Black and Brown UX Professionals


Woman-Identified, Black / African American


Race & Equity, Economic Power, Community Support


Human Resources, Business Models and Financials

I was the "only" Black and female User Experience (UX) professional (a digital creator with the end user as priority) who worked as a consultant for tech giants. I was lonely in a tech world of whiteness. I knew there had to be more marginalized digital creators like myself. So, I created a network of Black and Brown UX practitioners to build a pipeline to hiring managers. Black UX Labs aims to get more Black feet in the decision-making seats!

Black UX Labs offers access to nearly 900 Black and Brown UX practitioners while recruiting new practitioners through various in-person and remote activations. We supply hiring managers to tech-driven candidacy pools for quick hiring.

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