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Artika Tyner

Artika Tyner

Planting People Growing Justice

Community Bookstore Focused on Leadership


Black / African American, Woman-Identified


Race & Equity


Business Models and Financials, Marketing and Communications, Vision and Strategy

As a civil rights attorney, many of my clients learned how to read while in prison. I desired to interrupt cycles of incarceration by focusing on promoting literacy and diversity in books. Through the transformative power of reading, our community can gain the valuable tools to create, reimagine, and build a more just and inclusive society.

PPGJ Books addresses the reading crisis among Black children and the failure of the industry to support BIPOC authors on two fronts: PPGJ Bookstore provides Black children books that help them discover joy in reading. PPGJ Publishing focuses on working with diverse authors and training the next generation of publishing professionals. PPGJ Books specializes in the creation, promotion, and distribution of books written by BIPOC authors.

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