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Camp Clarity

Artist Incubator Focused on Self-Care Retreats


Black / African American, LGBTQ+

Creative, Service, Product

Race & Equity, Community Support


Business Models and Financials, Information Technology, Marketing and Communications, Product / Service Design, Vision and Strategy

Camp Clarity was born at a retreat I curated in July 2019. After touring for eight months while balancing my nonprofit work, I experienced burnout. After hosting strategic retreats for my nonprofit, Them Clouds Kids, to combat burnout and build camaraderie, I learned of the healing benefits of a mindful break. Like the retreats, the music I produce promotes healing and introspection, and it inspired me to create a visual work that highlighted best practices. I teamed up with my director friends to make a film that showcased Black Creatives practicing self-care together at a retreat to inspire others to do the same. After securing the date and an off-grid location, I invited my artistic tribe to attend for a weekend. The retreat aligned with three powerful performances I had for NJPAC, Afropunk Battle of the Bands, and SOBs. The retreat timing served as an opportunity for my creative friends and me to recharge, reset and prepare while creating something timeless. I realized how much space can build camaraderie and skill amongst my creative friends.

Thus, Camp Clarity was born. The retreat's goal is to offer a space to unplug, recharge, and prepare through strategic planning sessions around creative goals. Participants learn skills in workshops that allow them to leave with a tangible list of things to do and a timeline to complete them. Retreat experiences are curated locally and internationally and include healthy food options, nature excursions, and group workshops. All activities and excursions are curated to support local businesses in the retreat area in order to show the benefits of cooperative economics and social enterprise.

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