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Carolyn Pitt

Carolyn Pitt


Marketplace Connecting Film Studios to Diverse Local Crews


Woman-Identified, Black / African American

Service, Creative, Technology

Advocacy, Economic Power, Race & Equity


Growth, Scaling, and Investments

I'm an Intellectual Property and Entertainment attorney with a diverse background that includes management consulting, strategy, and business development. The genesis of Productions was my experience with clients who are frustrated with how hard it is to secure jobs within the film industry...I created the platform because local crew members in production hubs like Georgia struggle to find jobs, while studios pay millions of dollars importing crew to those same locations.

Productions end-to-end hiring + payment platform empowers studios with a pool of vetted local crew, and provides crew with consistent viable work opportunities. We are also proud to level the playing field for women and professionals of color, who are underrepresented in the entertainment industry.

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