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Deyorhathe & Sadekaronhes Esquivel

Deyorhathe & Sadekaronhes Esquivel

Rising Sons Media, LLC

Honoring our Past, Imagining our Future.


Indigenous / Native, Hispanic / Latino / Latinx

Service, Creative

Community Support, Economic Power

B2C, B2B

Marketing and Communications, Product / Service Design, Operations and Administration, Growth, Scaling, and Investments, Community Engagement

Brother and I have grown up around traditional art as part of our culture and in the presence of our own father's art. What we see in most Native art is the idea that Native identity is defined by our past. Through our art and music, we want to imagine a future where Indigenous people are not thought of as a dying race. We want to represent our people as figures of modern life, as well as imagine the possibilities for the next 500 years. We want to offer our art and services as an alternative vision of our culture

We've always been creatives, so we founded Rising Sons Media, LLC to finally make art our careers. We chose to combine our skills and offer our services to Native companies that want to push the ideas of what Native representation looks like. We know that there are many other small businesses that have had the same struggles that we have. That's why we're building a cooperative space for other Natives who want to grow their own businesses. We're offering our knowledge and skills to help develop other brands, to support Native small business owners in ways that we didn't have.

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