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Dr. Glynita Bell

Dr. Glynita Bell

Heart 2 Heart Wellness Center

Holistic Focused Mental Wellness


Black / African American, Woman-Identified


Health & Food


Business Models and Financials, Growth, Scaling, and Investments, Marketing and Communications

I began noticing a difference in my peer's temperaments and abilities to handle their emotions in middle school. As a result, I became a peer meditator to learn more about those differences as well as techniques to improve emotion management. I loved the process of learning mediation skills and working with my peers. I decided I wanted to be a therapist with a private practice at the age of 12. I went on to complete my education requirements and worked in community mental health and in other therapist's private practices. The day that inspired the search for Heart 2 Heart's location, I was getting my teenage client from the waiting room and she looked really sad. I prepared myself for a tough session but to my surprise when she got into my office, she was smiling and talkative. I inquired about her waiting room mood and her current mood. The teenager said that the waiting room was dark, cold, and sad. No one made eye contact or talked to each other because they were embarrassed to be "messed up" in front of others. I decided that would change.

I created an interactive space, with aromatherapy, spa music playing, tea and coffee, and open chatter. None of us are messed up, and the fact that we value our mental health should be celebrated as a luxury self-care experience. So Heart 2 Heart was born.

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