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Henry Jake Foreman

Henry Jake Foreman

Karuna Colectiva

21st Century Indigenous-Based Social Enterprise


Indigenous / Native, Multiracial, AAPI

Creative, Service, Product

Youth & Education, Economic Power, Community Support, Health & Food, Race & Equity, Green / Sustainability


Information Technology

Karuna Colectiva of Life works with young people from across the Southwest US to operate art, fashion, and design micro-enterprises. We teach youth skills such as screen printing, bicycle repair, and graphic design as well as new media techniques (e.g., blogging, digital marketing, etc.). Through the hands-on application of real-world skills, young entrepreneurs learn business fundamentals, engage in inter-generational communication, and participate in concrete community action. For example, our Sari­-Sari pop-up provides a market-­based learning laboratory for young people to incubate their ideas in a collaborative environment. They test and validate real products with real money, profits, and losses.

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