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JoCari T. Beattie

JoCari T. Beattie

JoBé Products

Backpack+Desk = Besk!


Black / African American

Product, Creative, Technology

Health & Food, Green / Sustainability, Economic Power, Youth & Education


Growth, Scaling, and Investments, Marketing and Communications, Product / Service Design

At JoBé Products our vision has always been to create products that help people. Our first product - Besk - does just that. Besk is a backpack that transforms into a desk. I have worked on Besk since 2014. I started with little-to-no-resources but continued to push until people saw value in the product. During Besk's development, I used everything I could find to get each prototype done. Materials ranged from shower curtain rods and yard sticks to coffee containers. One thing we wanted to be sure of was that Besk did not cause more strain on the environment. So, we wanted to be sure to include as many reused and recycled materials when it came to production. In 2020, we had a breakthrough running a successful Kickstarter campaign. Ever since then we have been working diligently to release Besk in August 2021!

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