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Johnson Family

Johnson Family

361 Commission

Esports Management Focused on Underserved Communities


Black / African American

Creative, Technology, Service, Product

Advocacy, Economic Power, Race & Equity, Youth & Education


Growth, Scaling, and Investments, Information Technology, Operations and Administration

In a group chat that was created by five cousins, we would have intense sports talks and share funny memes. We would often express our frustrations about our personal careers and think of ways we could turn our individual passions into sustainable businesses. Our fathers, five brothers, never came together to do business even though they talked about it for many years. One day an article was shared that outlined the lack of diversity in Esports and gaming. As a collective, we agreed that diversity and inclusion, mentoring the younger generation in a fun and dynamic way, and helping people turn their passion into profit was something we could build upon. That is how 361 Commission was created.

361 Commission cultivates a diverse community by bringing the culture to gaming through our social channels (IG,FB, Discord, Youtube, Twitter). Our proprietary process allows us to identify the gamers and content creators that are most dedicated and passionate. We listen carefully to understand what the gamers goals are and work with them to build their social brand through quality content, increased participation in tournaments, and strong connections to sponsorships and paid opportunities.

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