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Keionna Baker & Cherena Fox

Keionna Baker & Cherena Fox

Elephant in the Room

Comfortable Spaces to Have Uncomfortable Conversations


Woman-Identified, Hispanic / Latino / Latinx, Black / African American


Race & Equity


Marketing and Communications, Vision and Strategy, Human Resources

While diverse environments helped to mold their passion, it was working in spaces that challenged Keionna and Cherena's idea of inclusivity that prompted them to not only "do the work" but also to push other companies and people to "do the work" to shift their mindsets towards creating more inclusive spaces. Hence, they gave voice to the many people who experience the feeling of being the "only one" daily. In 2019, Keionna and Cherena co-founded The Elephant in the Room after heading a diversity and inclusion initiative at one of Louisville's premier collaborative workplaces. Through their personal career experiences, they quickly realized that companies, small and large, not only needed training in what diversity and inclusion looked and felt like but also needed guidance in how to have conversations otherwise considered taboo.

The Elephant in the Room is an interactive diversity and inclusion platform that focuses on empathy, accountability, and change in the workplace. The Elephant in the Room's unique, interactive workshop style results in strategies to help mitigate bias in the workplace and beyond.

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