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Maria Morris

Maria Morris

Carabelle's Eats & Treats

Catering Business Focused on Justice-Involved Women


Woman-Identified, Black / African American, Multiracial


Advocacy, Economic Power, Race & Equity, Health & Food, Community Support


Business Models and Financials, Operations and Administration, Product / Service Design

Carabelle's Eats & Treats is a catering service created in memory of my daughter Carabelle Marie Douglas (3/22/2016 - 1/10/2018). During her short time here, she was my muse to do better, go further, and push harder. Even today, she has a great impact on my life. My mission for Carabelle's is to encourage, inspire, and strengthen women who have experienced loss to pursue holistic health through the culinary arts, while providing premier quality baked goods and catering services to the community. This social enterprise was created to build resilience in women who have been justice-involved, by offering employment freedom, transferable skills, and cooking therapy through culinary mastery. I myself have been justice-involved and know how having a charge can feel like many doors of opportunity are closed. Carabelle's was created to let these women know that our past does not have to be our future. We are still valuable; we are still capable; and, we can still go on to do GREAT things.

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