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Mike de la Rocha & Richard Cabral

Mike de la Rocha & Richard Cabral

Tepito Coffee Roasters

Chicano-Owned Company Bringing Ceremony Back to Coffee


Indigenous / Native, Hispanic / Latino / Latinx


Economic Power, Health & Food


Business Models and Financials, Growth, Scaling, and Investments, Operations and Administration

Our origin story is that Richard Cabral and Mike de la Rocha wanted to start a company that was rooted in our indigenous traditions of love and generosity. Through Tepito Coffee Company, Mike and Richard are building bridges between México and East Los Angeles, one origin, one identity, one coffee at a time. From farm to cup, Tepito Coffee Roasters is more than just a coffee company. It is a vehicle to inspire cultural pride and a sense of community. We believe that the experience of coffee is sacred. As sons of immigrants, we have been intentional about producing one of the finest coffee experiences imaginable while centering the most vulnerable in our community. All of our coffee is directly sourced by Pecora 19º09´ in Boca del Monte, a small rural town located in Veracruz, México. Together, we are continuing the prayer of our ancestors. Together, we are on a journey of healing ourselves and the planet. Together, we are proud to be Tepito Coffee Roasters.

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