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Oluwasanmi Ariyo

Oluwasanmi Ariyo


Social Media CRM for Freelancers


Black / African American

Technology, Service

Economic Power


Business Models and Financials, Growth, Scaling, and Investments, Marketing and Communications, Product / Service Design

The original idea behind Wavlength came from my passion for music and how today's "digital age" broke new artists around the globe due to the power of the internet. With the new "low barrier to entry," I quickly discovered that musicians not only had to have great music, but a strong visual brand was necessary to grab the attention of listeners in an oversaturated market. Since then, our idea evolved after we originally set out to build a marketplace connecting musicians to visual artists such as graphic designers, videographers, and photographers. After several focus groups and interviewing our customers, we discovered that 1) we didn't have a strong enough unique value proposition by serving both parties; 2) visual artists often sourced their business from social media where they experienced several issues; and 3) it was in our best interest to focus on freelancers and build a platform where they could maintain and grow their operations.

Wavlength is a CRM tool that handles lead generation and project conversion by sharing freelancer profiles anywhere on the internet. Potential clients click on a Wavlength profile (link in bio on Instagram, a TikTok profile, a Tweet, etc.) that showcases a designer's portfolio, the plans / services they offer, where they can send a proposal about what they want, their budget, and their expected turnaround time.

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