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Olympia Auset

Olympia Auset


Low Cost Organic Grocery to End Food Deserts


Woman-Identified, Black / African American, Indigenous / Native


Health & Food


Business Models and Financials, Growth, Scaling, and Investments, Human Resources

I grew tired of traveling 2 hours by bus every time I needed groceries and tired of seeing people I love pass away from diseases that can be cured by vegetables. I started SÜPRMARKT to stop this cycle. I never want to tell my children that "we have to go to the white neighborhood for that," regarding something so simple as a salad or smoothie.

We lead screenings, juice cleanses, and workshops which help low income POC's get healthy. Last year, we held South Central’s first ever vegan festival. Over a thousand people attended, and it was a huge success. During the COVID crisis, our 1-or-1 program offers groceries to those in need, and we have provided over 2,000 pounds of grains and seeds. We have also partnered with Jackfruit Café and Vegan Outreach to provide free / discounted organics and vegan meals to 200 people weekly.

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