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Quintin Heard

Quintin Heard


Bridging the Gap between 2.0 Digital Growth + Web3's Limitless Possibilities


Black / African American

Technology, Service

Economic Power, Race & Equity


Marketing and Communications, Product / Service Design, Growth, Scaling, and Investments, Vision and Strategy, Information Technology

I was inspired to start this business as a way of building legacy within my own bloodline. I wanted to stay connected to tech in a way that allows for my heritage and culture to play an important part in our slogan "Never be afraid of a dream that shakes the world." Through our own development of BLCK MSCL 001 the NFT project, we discovered that NFT's built within the web3 space can allow an entire new launching ground for companies and brands looking for a way to market themselves in 2024 and the future. We combine traditional tactics with a modern approach for marketing and branding - much like Bored Ape x Adidas collaboration with the Digital clothing space and RCA records signing web3-based musical artists.

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