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Tanya Morris

Tanya Morris

Mom Your Business

Supporting Black/Brown Female Entrepreneurs through Education, Mentorship, and Capital


Woman-Identified, Black / African American


Race & Equity, Economic Power


Marketing and Communications, Human Resources, Operations and Administration, Community Engagement, Growth, Scaling, and Investments

Mom Your Business' mission is to promote poverty alleviation through entrepreneurship primarily by equipping Black and Brown women with the tools, resources, opportunities and capital necessary to overcome obstacles and achieve social and economic success.

MYB started in response to the frustration of Black women being the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs yet the least funded. MYB has transformed the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Philadelphia by (1) partnering with entrepreneurial support organizations, CDFI’s, and corporations to help Black female entrepreneurs access over $250,000 in non-diluted capital in less than 18 months; (2) helping over 600 Black female entrepreneurs since 2019 start and grow their business; and (3) leading the only business accelerator program in Philadelphia by Black women for Black women. CEO Tanya T. Morris brings over twenty years of non-profit management experience at PathwaysPA, ECA, and WORC to Mom Your Business along with being a serial entrepreneur.

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