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Thomas Boxley

Thomas Boxley

Boxley Brewing Company

Black-Owned Brewing and Bottling Company


Black / African American


Economic Power, Health & Food


Business Models and Financials, Growth, Scaling, and Investments, Operations and Administration

I made a conscious decision to enter the craft brewing space based on two factors: 1) the lack of African Americans in the field, and 2) a long-lasting curiosity about the science and process of making beer. This curiosity sparked in my mind while pursuing undergraduate studies, eventually leading me to take an intentional approach to craft brewing in the fall of 2017. At full scale, this will be a brewery and taproom for direct- to-consumer sales along with bottling and packing capabilities that will support self-distribution and eventually larger scale regional and national distribution. We will create a physical space that represents the African-American culture in the local brewing community. I also seek to inspire other African American, Indigenous, and entrepreneurs of color to diligently pursue their business goals and find the passion that leads them to economic self-sufficiency.

Upon development, Boxley Brewing and Bottle Company will be the only African American owned brewing establishment in the state of Oklahoma. We will create beverages that are connected to our community and our state. Styles will be appropriately branded to create community connectivity and brand loyalty. We will then release a series of beers that connect to other parts of the state so as to broaden the base. Additionally, we will release seasonal offerings to drive demand such as Octoberfest and a limited edition Belgian Ale style beer.

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