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Tiffany Tisdale-Braxton

Tiffany Tisdale-Braxton

Tisdale23 Catering

Catering and Cooking Resources


Woman-Identified, Black / African American


Economic Power, Health & Food, Youth & Education, Community Support


Growth, Scaling, and Investments, Human Resources, Vision and Strategy

Tisdale23 catering was birthed out of me not knowing what I wanted to do following college. At the time, cooking was my only true passion which led me to pursue that avenue, and it just sort of stuck. My dad used to always tell me that if did what I loved, I’d never work a day in my life. So after some time working in the industry, I found that catering was my favorite way in which to provide food for others. From this dream came Tisdale23 Catering.

I have created two books that are for working moms (which is very prevalent within our community) as well those that are seeking easy mealtime solutions. Both resources were created to help others make the best of their trips to the grocery store, as we currently live in a food desert. My e-book includes shopping lists and materials to help with meal planning.

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