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Tina Archuleta

Tina Archuleta


Wellness through Indigenous Foods and Therapeutics


Woman-Identified, Indigenous / Native

Product, Service

Advocacy, Community Support, Health & Food, Green / Sustainability, Race & Equity


Operations and Administration

Itality is committed to providing our community with locally-sourced, plant-based healthy food options. Ultimately, we strive to promote and reclaim wellness in Indigenous communities. Native Business described founder Tina Archuleta (Jemez Pueblo) as an "example of Native entrepreneurship aligned with traditional values, such as reverence for Mother Earth and Indigenous wisdom. From advancing Tribal and food sovereignty to uplifting healthy eating as a form of self-respect, Archuleta continually returns to her core values when sharing her journey to plant-based wellness and how Itality evolved organically through deep care and focused intention."

Guided by the principles of local sourcing and plant-based products, Itality offers full-service catering, nutritional consultation, doula services, and food pop-ups. As we've grown, we've also boosted our support for local Native farmers, purchasing in the surrounding region whenever possible. For example, I buy my red chili from Native farmers and use local hominy from the North. The produce is always fresher and higher in vitamin content. Since I was once a Native farmer myself, these practices are deeply ingrained in our mission and core values.

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