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Vanessa Williams-Harvey

Vanessa Williams-Harvey


EdTech Creating EHR App for Nursing Students


Woman-Identified, Black / African American, Veteran

Technology, Service

Health & Food, Economic Power, Race & Equity


Marketing and Communications, Product / Service Design, Information Technology, Operations and Administration, Community Engagement, Growth, Scaling, and Investments

I am a nurse, and when I was in training almost 30 years ago, nursing students had limited access to paper health records. Now that electronic health records (EHR's) are the standard platform to document patient care, only approximately 20% of nursing students have access to electronic health records. Currently, 95% of healthcare organizations use some form of electronic health record. Our goal is for 100% of nursing students have access to an electronic health record during training.

The app we're building will connect all the dots for the nursing student and introduce a new way to provide patient care by incorporating the use of an electronic health record. Our app, HippoCLIN, provides a safe, affordable, and true-to-life technical environment for nursing students to navigate, train, learn, and gain valuable experience and competence with the use of EHR’s.

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